An All-in-One Solution for
Donor Management

Launch equips you with the necessary sponsorship & donor management software to handle your needs in a single place.


Intuitive Design

Seamless Onboarding Process

Donor Management



Highly Scalable


Sponsorship Portal

Our software helps you create, build, and manage your sponsors from a single location. The sponsorship management solution can be customized to suit your needs.

Branch Management

As the head of the NPO, you can create multiple branches for the organization based on various criteria. Our cloud-based donor management solution simplifies the NPO creation and management process.

Access Level for Users

You can onboard numerous other users to the platform to help manage the daily operations. You can even give users clearance levels to define what information they can edit and access.

Dashboard & Analytics

With Launch, you get access to a powerful analytical tool to help you record and track essential data. This information gives you complete understanding about your branches, donors, audience engagement, revenue etc.

How it works

1. Set it yourself or with our staff.

We will help you set up Launch and import your data.

2. Create projects

You can create projects as per your convenience. For instance one of your schools or homes can be a project

3. Invite users

You can invite staff who will be responsible for different homes/ projects with the level of access you wish to provide.

4. Manage & monitor

Manage projects, reports and allow sponsors to see the progress of the beneficiaries.

Contact Us

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